What is a Boxaki?

Boxaki is a key-free safety box uniquely designed for securing valuables, cell phones, IPADS, wallets, meds, etc. while recreating at the resorts pool or beach.


Boxaki combines:

  • Safety
  • Innovation
  • Advertising & connectivity

Key-Free Lock:

  • Unique digital Key
  • HF-RFID technology (High Frequency- Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Sound indicator when box is opening
  • Weather proof and waterproof

Digital Wrist Key:

  • Lightweight, thermoplastic, polyurethane wristlet
  • Waterproof and durable for swimming, diving, etc.
  • Laser fixed identification number for every wristlet
  • Wristlet does not need to be removed to open lock

Benefit to Guests:

  • The ultimate guest amenity
  • Guests feel relaxed knowing their valuables are secure when they step away to visit the bar, jump in the pool, go to the beach, or engage in an activity.

Benefit to Hotels:

  • The ultimate guest amenity
  • Insurance against theft
  • Brand recognition to hotels and advertisers
  • Positive reviews on social networks, Travelzoo, Yelp and blogs

Benefit to Advertisers:

  • Brand or logo is at your potential customers’ location and “eye level”
  • A well-designed six sided surface advertising space
  • Six liters of inside storage capacity for potential vendors to promote their brand with discounts and samples
  • QR-Code connects the potential vendor with their customers mobile phones enabling the vendor year round connectivity to offer updates of special events and discounts